Pocket Drive Macho Enough to Wear Pink

The U.K.’s Reg has a review of the new LaCie 30GB pocket hard drive (US$150) called, inexplicably, Skwarim. We have no idea what it means either, but its neon pink rubberized case is bright and gawdy enough to make Hello Kitty blush. No idea who the target demo is (beside Japanese school girls), but the tiny size and weight (8.5 x 8.5 x 1.3cm box weighing 99g) and the 30GB (or 60GB) storage capacity makes it attractive despite its flamboyant lifestyle. We like rubberized hardware as much as the next techno-fetishist, but we’re just not comfortable enough in our geekitude to spring for pink. Now, BLACK rubber, and you’re talkin’ a sale. We definitely dig the ’70s op-art pattern.

Check out the full review here.