PayPass RFIDs Coming Your Way

Citibank has begun sending out MasterCard PayPass RFID keyfobs to their customers in some markets. Dan Costa at GearLog got one. Took him a while to find someplace where he could take it for a test debit, but he finally found one — in a long concession link at Yankee Stadium.

Like online shopping before it, there are a lot of irrational fears about this technology, not that it can’t be exploited — like bricks and mortar use of credit and online payments — it ceratinly will be, but just as with ANY credit card transactions, YOU are not liable, the credit card company is, and as Dan points out, you still have to sign receipts on purchases over US$25, as he discovered with his $42.25 payment for three beers, three dogs, and a bag of nuts. Yoiks!