Killer Mutant TV-B-Gone

You’ve likely heard about TV-B-Gone, the universal OFF button for television. While this thing is little more than a gag gift, and at US$25, a rather pricey one, it has gained something of a cult following among pranksters. Trying to listen to a singer in a club while drunks at the bar are hooting it up over a game on TV? TV-B-Gone! Wanna mess with the Blue Shirts in the TV dept at Best Buy? TV-B-Gone!

To extend the range of TV-B-Gone from between 20-50′ to some 90′, m_jake, the same DIY guy who did an Instructables for my Mousey the Junkbot, has created the Ultra TV-B-Gone, which has a 20-bulb array of ifrared LEDs and a 9v battery. M_jake also brought us the TV-B-Gone hat. This geek is a one-man TV terminator.