Grado Gets Groovy?

We’ve always been fans of Grado Labs’s headphones. We reviewed the Grado SR60s ALL the way back in 1998. A pair that I bought after that review, by Andrew Sasaki, still sits on my stereo system and still gets used on a regular basis. If I had to get a new set of phones, I’d probably go out and buy the same damn pair. That’s pretty astounding, when you think about it: a piece of personal electronics that’s remained unchanged for over eight years and is still worth buying today.

But this item isn’t about Grado’s perennial faves, its about their latest edition, the iGrados, Grado Labs’s attempt at joining the 21st century by creating a set of cans for the iPod generation. The iGrado phones come in either black or white and are behind-the-head style, so you don’t mess up that anime hair that you spent 45 minutes and a small fortune in sculpting putty on. The good news in all this comestic “i” surgery is that the iGrados only cost US$49 and they have the same drivers in them as the venerable SR60s.

Oh, BTW, the SR60s cost $69, the same price they did in 1998. Some things never change, and sometimes, that’s a very good thing…

The iGrado phones are expected to go on sale in September.