The REAL Tokyo Underground

This pic may look like the set of Tron or Logan’s Run, or some futuristic mall, but it’s actually a close-up of the giant machinery inside Japan’s High Energy Accelerator Research Organization. It’s just one of the amazing images in a piece on PingMag called “Joe Nishizawa: Japan’s Underground Photography.” All the images are from a book of Nishizawa’s photographs, called Deep Inside, which explores the inner (and under) workings of Japan through photos and deep captions. Think of it as UNDER street tech.

Thanks, Jay!

Update: (via Boing Boing):
Matthew says: “The photo in this item is from KEK (“Japan’s High Energy Accelerator Research Organization”, as you say), which is not in Tokyo. It’s it Tskuba, about 40 miles north east of Tokyo, more or less the middle of nowhere. I spent a week there in college, installing code for controlling high voltage power supplies for the Belle detector project.”