CBS Suits Consider the DVR, Not Afraid

PVRWire links to an “interesting” article from Canada about a CBS research exec giving a presentation to a luncheon of TV critics. In the presentation the exec cites a bunch of stats on digital video recorder usage. The article doesn’t say where the research comes from. Here are a few highlights (taken from the PVRWire piece):

* The public is adopting DVRs at a slower rate than some observers predicted, and the idea that a DVR revolution would sweep away the networks’ scheduling power has “been thoroughly discredited.”
* DVR penetration in the United States is at 12% to 15% of households, versus 8% last year. The prediction is for steady growth to 20% and then a slowdown.
* DVR-equipped viewers of the big four U.S. networks still watch 90% of their shows live, although this figure drops to 82% for prime time.
* Sixty-six per cent of viewers who have recorded a show on DVR watch it by 6 a.m. the next morning, and 80% watch within two days.
* Overall viewership of cable and network TV is a roughly even split, but people with DVRs record 77% of their shows from the networks and only 23% from cable.

We’d be interested to know how this data tracks with Street Tech readers who have DVRs. I watch almost nothing live, altho for things like the evening news, I watch on about a 20 minute delay so I can FF commercials. I rarely watch a show that I’ve recorded the same night I’ve recorded it, but I do watch it within 2-3 days after recording. I definitely record more cable shows than network. How about you?