Word on the Street

Two new/recent coinages to point out:

Zuned – it’s what happens when you lose all of your digital music due to a glitch in DRM software. Coined by Michael Robertson, anti-DRM spokesbot and founder of MP3.com, creator of Lindows/Linspire, and the Skype competitor SIPphone. Robertson predicts the Zune is going to be the biggest tech flop of ’07. Read the piece on Robertson’s blog. Robertson also coined “ScrewedForSure” for “PlayForSure,” Microsoft’s DRM technology.

Netcast – Not coined by Leo Laporte, but a term he’s now trying to promote to replace “podcast.” He believes (and we agree) that the POD part is misleading to newbies (who think you need an iPod to listen) and now that Apple’s legal goons are going after people for using POD in products and services, it’s as good a time as any to make the switch to something more universal. Read the TUAW piece about this.