New Life for a Unloved Keyboard Key

On Jim Biancolo’s blog, he’s posted a little script he made for use with AutoHotKey (the free macro/automation app) that repurposes the Insert key (found on most PC keyboards). Here’s what he says:

Y’know how sometimes you go to hit the Home key and you accidentally catch the Insert key too, but you don’t realize it until you’ve typed over something, because suddenly you are in “overstrike” mode rather than “insert” mode? I wanted to kill the Insert key, and immediately thought of my favorite utility, AutoHotKey (upon which I built that Wikipedia AutoCorrect thing). But instead of just killing the Insert key, I thought perhaps I could make it do something useful. So I took the “append” script from here and just changed it to fire whenever I hit Insert.”

So you end up with an amendable clipboard. Now *that’s* useful.

[Via Lifehacker]