More on the WowWee Flytech Dragonfly

The posting of the T3 video showing the forthcoming WowWee Flytech Dragonfly — an R/C robo-dragonfly that actually uses its beating wings to stay aloft — created quite a stir in the geeksophere. The wireheads over at Robots Rule wrote to tell us that the WowWee Dragonfly was actually based on a rubber- band- powered Ornithopter designed by a high school student, Sean Frawley, and that he’s now a consultant to WowWee. Robots Rule has a page dedicated to the Flytech Dragonfly and a discussion forum. The Flytech page points to Sean’s Ornithopter Technologies website where you can buy a US$20 kit to build your own paper/ balsa/ rubber band flyer (shown above). Cool!

BTW: The Robots Rule Flytech page has a second video of the Dragonfly. This one looks like it was shot in WowWee’s offices.