Study Finds Apple iPhone Has “Huge Potential”

The rumor mill going into this month’s Macworld Expo seems to have largely stopped turning on the iPhone. A large number of pundits, soothsayers, techno-shaman, and others who are supposed to know something about such things seem to think that the rumored Apple mobile phone (dubbed the iPhone) will be a no-show, maybe not only at Macworld, but for the foreseeable future. It’ll be interesting to see if they’re right. If they are, Apple might be missing out a golden opportunity, at least according to a study done by Solutions Research Group, and reported on at AppleInsider.

The study predicted, among other things, that with the introduction of an iPhone, Apple’s market “footprint could grow to over 30 percent of Americans within 18 months.” One thing buyers of an “iPod phone” where most concerned with was the battery life of a dual phone and iPod, something that the rumor mill has already addressed with the non-existent iPhone shipping with a non-existent second battery, standard. Can I get mine with a non-existent full screen and non-existent no-touch controls? Isn’t dreaming up tech fun? And then running polls about it?