Dorkbot DC Was SRO

Last night’s Dorkbot DC was wonderful, and jam-packed. There were some 70 people there! It was an amazing mix of artists, programmers, composers, engineers, museum curators, pirate/fringe radio operators, a nice range of ages, races, a lot of women. Really an inspiring mix of people.

Randall Packard did his faux gov’t dept rant showing very unsettling slides of our American slide into fundamentalism. And then for something completely different, I talked about and demo’d cute little robots you build from junk that run around and annoy your housepets. Wheeee…

The pic above is of me demo’ing my BEAMbots. A PDF of my talk can be found here. Thomas Edwards has a few more pics of the night up on Flickr.

The next Dorkbot is on Feb 20th, at Provisions Library. Mark your calendars.