New O’Reilly Hackszine

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.O’Reilly has launched a new blog, called Hackszine, to coincide, and obviously to datamine, their growing line of Hacks books. Looking forward to visiting this site on a regular basis to find things like:

If you’re a fan of domain hacks like or, you might be interested to know that getting a personalized domain of your own may well be within easy reach. Domain Hacks is a search utility that will help you find the combination of domain name and top-level domain that works for you.

And this one, thank Gopod!

Already tired of the relatively new Snap “feature” that pops up an annoying little preview balloon over every hyperlink on certain web sites? Well, it turns out it’s pretty easy to get rid of them, everywhere. Just click here to disable the feature using cookie technology (or, go to the Snap page that discusses deactivation and click the link from there).