Out of This World Deals at Norton’s Used Rocket Lot

Ever since drooling over Todd Lappin’s crazy control panels and industrial tech home decor, I’ve been itchin’ to see what’s for sale in the Cape Canaveral cast-off showrooms of America. Of course, there’s always the legendary Black Hole in Los Alamos, which I’d love to visit one day. But the next time I’m in Hollyweird, I’m going to let my plastic do the talkin’ at Norton Sales, Inc. in North Hollywood. They have rocket parts from all of your favorite makes and models: Atlas, Apollo, Gemini, Titan, Thiokol, Reaction Motors, ABMA-JPL. Oh please, tell me we get to kick the thrust chambers and exhaust bells on the lot! For your more down to earth industrial applications, they have lots of used hydraulics, flow values, hosing, regulators, pumps, etc. It looks like an amazing place in which to get lost.

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