Urban Exploration/Tunnel Hacking Hits the Mainstream

As many of you likely know, urban exploring/building and tunnel hacking (a.k.a. urbex) — like geocaching and alternative reality gaming — is a growing “sport” amongst geeks. Urbex has come to primetime TV, thanks to the History Channel and its Cities of the Underworld. I was pretty psyched before it aired and am certainly enjoying it (it sure beats America Idle). But I find the host really annoying, with his over-anxious, jumpy delivery that seems to not trust the audience will find the material itself cool without his “woah, isn’t this like SO awesome!” punch to nearly every statement. The content is… SO awesome, it’s a shame we have to suffer the host and the show’s ADD production approach to get to the good stuff, the astounding, and often astoundingly creepy, worlds that exist just beneath our feet.