Antigue Radio Repair Site

You may have seen Mark’s item on Boing Boing about the Philco Mystery Control, the amazing wireless remote for ’30s and ’40s(!) radios. That was nifty enough, but the site that it links to, The Philco Repair Bench, has lots more amazing material about antique electronics, mostly the Philco brand, but some applicable to other radios of the era. I have a ’40s-era radio that belonged to my great grandfather, from Lebanon. Looking at this site has inspired me to finally break down and try to figure out what’s wrong with it and to try to get it up and running. There’s a great collection of links to other radio repair and restoration sites.

These collector/fan-run sites are an eternal delight. Years ago, I was shopping for an Ericofon on eBay. I did a search, found this site, Ericofon, and within a few hours, I was an expert on these mod/atomic age wonders. I got a really a nice one on eBay that just needed some wire repair work. Found all I needed on the site. One of those “Gawd, I LOVE the internets” moments.