Combots vs. The Battle Box

One of the many people I’m bummed I didn’t get a chance to meet was Simone of Suicide Bots/ Combots and the other folks from Combots. I saw them for the two days prior to the event working their asses off getting the Arena built. During the Faire, it was so crowded, you couldn’t get near the place. It *sounded* like fun.

One of the combat robot folks told me there’s quite the arms race going on between the robots and the lethality of their weapons and the integrity of the robot arena. This is driven home in the footage of the appropriately-named Last Rites shearing a 55-pound steel blade off of Brutality and flinging it across the Arena, punching a hole in one of the polycarbonate panels. Ouch. Maybe I *didn’t* want to get that close to the action.