It’s Time to Play Stevenote Bingo!

Another Jobs Keynote (a.k.a. a “Stevenote”), another exciting game of “Keynote Bingo!” If you haven’t played before, try it, it’s fun! To play, you simply print out the PDF bingo card found at Ars Technica, or use the ones created with the WWDC Bingo program (with 100 word/phrase options). And then, follow one of the liveblogging feeds tomorrow, Monday @ 10am Pacific (or listen to streaming audio if you’re able), or wait and watch the full video when it’s posted. Then, you mark words/concepts as St. Steven utters ’em and terrorize your cubicle-mates when you scream “bingo!” after you connect a row. If you’re at WWDC, you’ll want to use the app version, which creates different cards, otherwise, you’ll all shout out “bingo!” at the same time. And that’s no fun at all.