Hieronymus Bosch Action Figures

There seems to be no end to what sorts of weird and wonderful subjects get rendered in plastic and vinyl these days as action figures. Long ago, we jumped track from superheroes, soldiers, sci-fi and fantasy characters. Now we have action figures of scientists, authors, rock stars, characters from other fictional universes, the list goes on.

So, maybe it shouldn’t be too surprising to add Hieronymus Bosch figures to the list. Hey, I’d buy ’em. But I’ll probably save my pocket change for when somebody gets around to creating William Blake action figures. If you ever spot such a thing, email me, stat. Urizen in his mind-forged manacles, Los toling at his forge of creation, Michael binding Satan, Enitharmon giving birth to Orc. While figures of Freud or Shakespeare might be fun, they’re not very action-packed. Blake’s epic and conflict-ridden universe of fragmented, warring psyches is perfect for rendering in super-heroic plastic.

[Via AttentionScan]