Dorkbot DC Last Night

I can’t speak for everyone at last night’s Dorkbot DC, but it *looked* like a good time was had by all. I know *I* had tons o’ fun. It was a BEAM robot workshop, organized by Tim Slagle (great job, Tim!). We built Solarbotics kits or homebrewed BEAM critters with Solarbotics parts. It was nice to have a “knitting” event where we could all sit around and talk, get to know each other better, have a few laughs, etc. while we worked on some electronics.

Several people informally showed off projects, including Mark Adams’s six-legged Basic Stamp-based walker (see below). Dig the alligator-clip mounts for the LCD display. Classy. The display shows program execution in real time. Thomas Edwards also showed the progress he’s made on his touch over IP project. A few people learned to solder and started work on their first robot. Touching, really. You never forget your first bot. [Sniff, sniff]

More pics by Matt Billings here. A few from Thomas Edwards here.