Jake von Slatt in the News (Again)

Our pal Jake von Slatt continues with his plans for world media domination, this week getting ye ol’ shout out in Weekly Dig, a Boston entertainment rag. He appears in a piece entitled “Good Bostonians.” I like the way the piece opens: “People suck. Most of them, anyway. Especially around here. Or maybe not…”

And the piece contains some not-so-subtle hints of several of Jake’s next projects, including:

For now, the burner — a hair-dryer-shaped thing made out of pieces of an electric belt motor, an old metal bed-frame, the fuel injector from a BMW and a bunch of scavenged computer parts — is lying in several pieces in the garage. When it’s done, its creator says, it should be able to melt cast iron at 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit.

“I think it will make spectacular flames. And the internet loves spectacular flames,” he says, grinning.

Yes we do. Indeed we do.