Thomas Edwards’ Touch Tech

Street Tech pal Thomas Edwards, of Dorkbot DC, has launched a website for his Physical Interactions over IP (or “Phy2Phy”) project. The first piece he’s working on is called “Touch” and it uses an MCU (the Comfile CUBLOC CB220), a serial motor controller (the Pololu micro serial servo controller), a servo motor, a force-sensitive resistor, and a serial-to-Ethernet network interface (the XPort) to create an Internet-connectible touch-input and force-feedback device. Connect another such unit elsewhere on the interwebs, and you can reach out and touch someone, over IP! Really interested to see where he takes this. The Phy2Phy project wiki will chronicle this piece and others to come. Thomas will also be demoing Touch at the next Dorkbot DC on Sept. 10.

The “Touch” project page has info on all of the tech mentioned above. There’s also a YouTube video of the “Touch” units thus far.