Backup Battery Kit for the iPhone

Like all battery ratings, the iPhone’s alleged (up to) 8 hours of talk, 6 hours of Internet, etc. is bullshit. On my new phone, I’m getting maybe 3 hours and change of talk, Web, and other use, AVERAGE use. I haven’t timed it, but I had a two-hour-plus doctor’s procedure the other day. I’d used the phone a bit in the morning before it, but not much, used it throughout the procedure (phone, EDGE web, video and music) and there wasn’t much of a charge left by the time I was done. I can’t imagine this thing lasting from one end of the country to the other if you were actually using your iPhone as Gopod intended during the flight.

Which brings me to the Minty Boost, USB charger kit, created by Lady Ada and sold at the Maker Store. I’ve been wanting to get one, but never really had the need for it. She reports on her site, and PT confirms on MAKE, that it does work with the latest iPhone software update.Maybe with this in my laptop bag, I’ll feel confident about using my phone on the plane and still having enough juice left to call people when I reach the other coast. Of course, with this thing in my bag, given my history with TSA, I might never make it off the ground.

I’d love to hear about other people’s experiences with traveling with the iPhone on long flights and other situs where other phones hold out. Our Comment system is still turned off, thanks to Russian porn spammers. Please email me at: garethbranwynATmacDOTcom.