What’s in YOUR Go Bag?

I have a perhaps unhealthy interest in other people’s stuff. I love going into someone’s home and scanning the books on their bookshelves, looking at the mags in their magazine rack, their stacks of CDs, hell I’d go through their snail mail if that didn’t cross over into creepizoid territory. No, I don’t care to see what bills they have or their personal letters– that doesn’t interest me — I want to see what catalogs they get, what kind of junk mail, what subscriptions they get. I think you can tell a lot about someone, what big and little ideas they trade in, by standing in the path of their media feeds. So I’m (also perhaps unhealthily) attracted to all of the “show us your stuff” type photo sets on Flickr and elsewhere. On Lifehacker, they have another of their “Show Us Your Go Bag” gallery pieces. It’s amazing to me how much crap people carry around. One guy had 52 items in his bag. I thought I carried a lot, in my pockets, belt-clipped, and shoulder-bagged, but I’m a lightweight in comparison.