This is Your Brain on Free Roaming

From Ditherati:

“I think what we’re seeing is an almost biological evolution of the species. I think we’re building a global nervous system and brain.” Arlington Institute president John Petersen, on how incessant use of cell phones is really a sign of progress, Los Angeles Times, 19 September 2002 Gee, didn’t we hear the same thing about computers and the Internet, ya know, before they got taken over by viruses, spam and Nigerian email scams

ST Web Guru Nearly “Butted” By Goat

In a strange altercation that authorities are still trying to understand, Tim Tate, webmaster of the insanely popular website Street Tech, was nearly killed by a mountain goat this Saturday. Apparently Mr. Tate was attempting to involve the animal in some sort of bizarre pagan ritual and the goat didn’t take kindly to Mr. Tate’s advances. “He was always such a nice, quiet fellow,” said Gareth Branwyn, the cybernetic organism that runs the website. “I can’t imagine him being involved in anything like this. Last I heard, he was very involved in helping the Girl Scouts sell cookies.” Mr. Tate is currently in the hospital recovering from his injuries.