Did You Own a Palm III or V? Palm May Owe You Money!

Got an email this morning informing me that a class action lawsuit that I didn’t even know existed has been settled, and that as a result I, and anyone else who owned a Palm III, IIIx, IIIc, IIIxe, V or Vx (I owned four of those) may be eligible for some money — up to $200 damn dollars!

But it turns out that it’s not just a matter of whether you owned one of those handhelds. You also must have owned one of a handful of PCs and suffered damage to your motherboard or serial port as a result of electro-static discharge that the suit alleges Palms exacerbated.

So if you’re someone who had serial port trouble with an older PC and your Palm, check out the suit under “read more” and fill out the form.