George Bush Admits Bugging UN, Calls for Action Against Blair

…at least on my computer he did. Using the George Bush Speechwriter Engine, I was able to get George to say:

“The danger is clear that Tony Blair, unlike Saddam Hussein, electronically bugged the United States of America, UN weapons inspectors, the United Nations Security Council, and every immigrant. And I have a message for them in our country or any other: this threat to peace will punished. That is the future we choose.”

The speechwriter engine is a flash-based tool that lets you choose from dozens of audio clips and rearrange G.W.’s own words into sentences that he ought to be saying, not just what he actually said. And if you’re worried about it not sounding genuine, don’t: the odd selection of audio clips makes it somewhat difficult to get a sentence that is actually grammatically correct — so it’s actually very realistic.