Vespa Goes High HP

Vespa has announced the latest in their line up — the GranTurismo. It’s the “most powerful Vespa ever made” which is a bit like saying WinXP is the most stable version of Windows ever made, since the GranTurismo only has a meager 21 hp. But at 200 cc’s it’s got four times the displacement of the more familiar Vespa ET2, and it’ll do more than 60 mph, rolling on comfortable 12″ aluminum wheels. Plus it’s got room for storage of two helmets under the seat — making it the perfect machine for darting off to the market. The same engine is available in the lower-end Piaggio BV200. Price for the Vespa is $4900, and just $4300 for the Piaggio. Unknown if it is available in the popular-but-decidedly-ugly mint-green color.