Free Shrimp For All Earthlings!

You’d swear this was an Onion story, but it’s true — Long John Silver’s is giving away free giant shrimp because of the recent discovery of evidence of an ancient flowing body of salt water on Mars:

“We can’t wait to celebrate NASA’s out-of-this-world success, and there’s no better way to recognize their giant accomplishments than with free Giant Shrimp for America.”

The only connections I can think of between the discovery and giant shrimp are that perhaps LJS’s is admitting that these giant mutant shrimp are actually not from earth, or perhaps that the discovery of salt water on Mars opens the possibility of shrimp farming on the red planet, which would certainly be much better for our environment considering that shrimp is one of the worst species to eat because of the environmental impacts of their harvest…but then again, they are so tasty, especially wrapped in bacon….

via boingboing