PSP More Powerful Than PS2: Video Clip

I’ve changed my mind — I want one. When first the Playstation Portable was announced, I thought that handhelds were for teenagers, while adults did their geeky gaming in the privacy of their own homes with the curtains drawn. But as details of the PSP have steadily crept out, my interest has steadily increased.

The latest bit of info to be released indicates the PSP will indeed have internal WiFi to connect to Playstation (2? 3?) or PC and head-to-head gaming. It will also be more powerful than the current Playstation 2, though that’s on a “polygon for polygon” count, and polygon’s aren’t everything. But they’re a big part of it, if this video of a game called Death Jr. (a Tim Burton inspired platformer) is any indication.

The release of the PSP is still up in the air, but this recent news indicates that it’s not vaporware, and gives some credence to the expected March 2005 release date. Price, and other specs, are still unknown.