Playstation 2 Linux Kit Now Half Price

Prices on the Playstation 2 have dropped from $300 to just $180, and the hobby linux kit for it has also dropped in price — now just $100. For that price you get a 40 Gb hard-drive, a linux distribution designed for the PS2, a network adapter (broadband only), USB keyboard and mouse and a cable that allows you to hook the PS2 to a standard monitor.

Considering the multi-functionality of the Playstation, $280 for a brand-spankin’-new, pretty capable linux box that also plays games is relatively good deal. Of course what you can do with that is limited by the non-standard architecture of the PS2, but there’s a pretty active community of PS2-linuxers that have extended the capabilities quite a bit.

Note that the 40 Gb drive indluded with the Linux kit cannot be used for games, and may prevent you from playing the latest Final Fantasy XI released this week ($100) that includes its own 40 Gb drive.