P.T. Barnum sez: Step Right Up, Get Your PS3

How goofy is this. Amazon has a page up already for the PlayStation 3, even though it won’t be for sale until spring of ’06, if then. And there are even reader-reviews of it, thirteen at the moment. So, Amazon is selling a product that’s maybe a year away from the marketplace and “purchasers” of the vaporous product are already reviewing it. Hey, can I sell my used virtual PS3 on eBay?

The interesting thing about this is the price: US$299. This may or may not be an honest number, and if it isn’t, it’s a clever move on Sony’s part to tweak buyer’s expectations for an affordable PS3, maybe leading them to hold off on buying an XBox 2…er…360 this holiday season. Your move, Microsoft.

[Via Gizmodo]