The Future of Talk Shows?

Oh. My. Gopod. This might be the coolest, funniest thing ever! Okay, at least this week. It’s a talk show, an extremely well done, professional-looking talk show, called This Spartan Life, filmed live in the world of Halo. It’s freakin’ hysterical. If I were a forward-looking TV studio, I would sign these guys, stat! This is so much better than any of the faux game world/virtual character shows that TechTV, MTV, or anyone else has attempted. Auspiciously enough, the first guest on the first episode is Bob Stein, founder of Voyager, the ground-breaking CD-ROM content company. Voyager was a huge influence on Peter Sugarman and myself while we were developing Beyond Cyberpunk. The guest may be auspicious, his entrance? Not so much. Really funny stuff.

[Via Boing Boing]