Geek Fight Club

Gawd, and here I thought geeks were supposed to be smarter than everybody else. According to a piece on CNN, a group of techies — software engineers, IT types, etc, get together twice a month in Menlo Park and beat the rivets out of each other:

“Kicking, punching and swinging every household object imaginable — from frying pans and tennis rackets to pillowcases stuffed with soda cans — they beat each other mercilessly in a garage in this bedroom community south of San Francisco. Then, bloodied and bruised, they limp back to their desks in the morning.”

WTF!? Listen up, my pencil-necked brothers, that high dome of yours just doesn’t have the same hit points as a meat head. That’s why he carries the battle axe, chain mace, and wears the big furry boots, and you wear a shiny mu-mu and a pointy hat and cast spells. Are we clear now?

Thanks, JT!