Goofy Office Gadgets

TechEBlog has a list of the Top Ten Strangest Office Gadgets. Some of them you’ll likely recognize, such as the USB Aroma Therapy bot that we blogged here, and the USB powered air dart launcher, which was blogged everywhere else. But how about “Programmable Soda,” with different flavor capsules along the bottle that you press to release the flavors you want into the drink? Or the Wearable Sleeping Bag that has arms and legs? Or the EEG-driven Mental Typewriter? And then, there’s our favorite, the one that makes us certain there is a God (and she has a wicked sense of humor): The AOL CD Thrower. Okay, it throws ANY CD, but we like the idea of it exclusively destroying the giant pile of this vile little platters we still have on top of our filing cabinet.

BTW: Here’s a direct link to the Web page for the LEGO CD Thrower.

Thanks, Mr. Townsend!