Mind-Bending Circuit Bends and Chaotic PCBs

MAKE comrade Bre Pettis posted a link to this incredible circuit bender’s website. This stuff is absolutely crazy (as in: cool, and as in: has this dude been skimping on the meds?). I love the whimsical PCB layout for the “Fryall Computer” (above) I’d like to wholeheartedly encourage more of this (grids are highly overrated). The builder, Peter Blasser, describes the chip/component arrangements as “villages,” and that’s a “temple” in the middle. He’s also come up with his own names for things. He writes:

The brass pegs are sandrodes, connected to multi-dimensional androgynous nodes within the circuit. Sandrodes are neither inputs nor outputs, they are both and none; connecting two together with copper makes a new node with characteristics from both. The nob dials don’t just control one feature, they interact on many different planes with the beast within.

I’ll have what he’s having. I’d LOVE to have one of these crazy bending rigs. And I can! He’s actually selling them as kits. They cost US$250 and include everything, including the veneered wooden box. Here’s a page of dozens of Fryalls made by different builders.

Be sure to snoop around the site and environs. There’s a ton of cool and delightfully head-scratchy stuff to be found. I have a feeling this is what happens to your mind when you do a lot of bending. Not a bad thing, I’m just sayin’…