Travel Mug That Won’t Burn the Bejezuz Out of Your Tongue

I’m pretty much at the level of the caffeine drip at this point in my addiction (hey, everybody gets at least one). Given that, I frequently have my insulated travel mug with me on the go (I choose between two: my Amazon mug and a lovely Celexa one, in soothing hospital blue — somehow my travel mugs speak volumes). But with these insulated containers, designed to retain heat as long as possible, it’s inevitable that I burn the ever-lovin’ crap out of my tongue or the roof of my mouth.

So I was psyched to see these Brugo mugs (US$20). They have two chambers, the bottom one, which keeps your java hell-fire hot, and a “temperature-control chamber,” which cools off the coffee to a sipable temp before you drink it. My only question is: how finicky it is to operate, i.e. how fast can I get the coffee in me? Which brings me back to the drip. Maybe it’s time someone actually looked into the caffeine IV. Hey, when ThinkGeek is selling caffeine soap and infused water, is an IV really that out there?