Mark Tilden on Aussie Podcast

Robotics engineer and Wow Wee toy designer Mark Tilden was the guest on the Australian podcast TekTime. It’s a 42-minute segment, so you get to hear a lot more about Mark’s background and other aspects of his life and career than he’s had the time to divulge in previous media coverage. Unfortunately, the fidelity of the audio is rather poor. Some of the things covered in the interview include:

* His history as a robotics physicist including his time at NASA.
* Funny and interesting stories relating to the original Robosapien, which has now sold over 6 million units.
* His upcoming robots ,such as such as the Roboquad and Roboboa, which will increase the total number of robots sold by Wow Wee beyond the current 20 million mark
* His opinions on the Japanese style of building robots, compared to his style which is based on nature, a style which he calls “analog”.
* Why the robotics industry has not taken off yet and what needs to happen for it to do so.

Thanks, Robert!