Mouse the Junkbot at MAKE:Philly

I just found out that MAKE:Philly, is running a contest for their next gathering based on my Mousey the Junkbot project from MAKE Vol. 2. MAKE:Philly is a local gathering of Makers, and like Dorkbot, they have regular meetings with presenters and projects, in their case, using MAKE magazine as a chief inspiration. For the March 18th meeting, they’re hosting a Mousebot Challenge. The winner’s mousebot will be judged on speed, construction, and design. The winner gets a boxed set of the first year of MAKE. Cool. I can’t wait to see the entries.

The group’s forum has some discussion and tips and includes a PDF with a clear, corrected schematic which also includes instructions for adding a second bump switch in the back. You could use this to make a tail (out of a piece of guitar string and a paper clip) like the Solarbotics Herbie the Mousebot has.