Happy Mutant Handbook Tat

One of my favorite parts of The Happy Mutant Handbook was the “Urban Absurdist Survival Kit” with designs by the mysterious Ward Parkway, a.k.a. the incomparable Jim Leftwich. We all got to brainstorm ideas for the “kit,” and Ward did the amazing sticker art for it all (and the lion’s share of the content, as I recall). It was a popular part of the book. MTV even did an ad for itself using art inspired by the stickers. BTW: MTV, you scumbags still owe me $1,000. I helped create an ad for MTV and all I got was a stinkin’ MTV sweatshirt.

Anyhoo, love for the HMH and Ward’s stickers lives on. This guy liked the “EVOLVE: Support Mutation” sticker so much, he made it into a tattoo.

Looking over the Survival Kit again reminds me how brilliant these stickers are and how we should really try to get them online. It’s SO much easier now to actually make them into stickers (& T-shirts, mugs, etc.)

UPDATE: Ward just sent us a copy of the original sticker: